10U wraps up a successful season

GRAFTON— The Grafton 10U Base Invaders have finished up their historic first season. A lot of work went into getting this program off the ground and moving forward for the girls of Taylor County.

“I think our biggest challenge this season was batting. The majority of our girls have played baseball for 3 or 4 years and watching the release of a softball coming from the hip is very different then a baseball release from above the head. After a couple of weeks of practices our girls were comfortable in the batter’s box and we haven’t looked back since,” stated head coach Julie Dowdy.

“This season was fun for everyone…the players, coaches and even the parents! This group of girls just click together. They knew what I expected out of them and did their job to help the team. It was fun for me, Coach Jay and Coach Casey to watch the lightbulb moments come on. Every player improved this season fielding the ball along with batting and base running,” coach Dowdy elaborated.

Coach Jay Taylor chimed in, “The strength of these girls amazed me daily. If this group of girls can stay together and play together, we might have a state championship team by the time they reach high school.”

“We want to wish Lilly Williams and Ashley Smith the best of luck next season playing for the TCMS Lady Knights softball program. Our other 12 players are eligible to return for another 10U spring season in 2022 and that makes us extremely excited for what we can do on the field next year.”

Coach Jay Taylor added, “I’ve been involved in a variety of sports in the county and this season has certainly set a gold standard for encouragement from the school programs and should set an example for other programs to follow. Coach Tyler Cox, Coach Joe Mauller, and Coach Gary Chambers all have been great with our teams and they have them excited about the future.”

The staff of the Mountain Statesman would like to congratulate the 10U Base Invaders on a successful season.



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